Open Source Everything

Open Source Everything

This is going to be a very quick blog post, you could even compare it to a tweet. Who is this for? Idk, myself? Essentially no one in particular - but just wanted to make a statment. The mountain range featured above is vast, open, and just beautiful - and all my projects are too. (okay maybe not beautiful.)

Learn From Other's Mistakes

It has been proven time and time again that by being open source, you close many more bugs than you could with your own internal QA team. I'm not saying you should get rid of your QA team or that they are not good at what they do. Far from it, QA teams are actually really good at what they do ;P! However, this is my personal website, I don't have a QA team.

There are three person that has performed the work to create this website. Me, myself, and I. I had help from many open source projects, friends/colleagues I could ask questions, etc, but I am the sole manager of my Homelab and website.

Open It Up

I had previously thought all my repositories were open. I just realized that they are not. I apologize, any and ALL personal projects will be open source. I HIGHLY encourage you to ask me questions, review my code, give me constructive criticism! I am not the smartest person in the world. I am not the best programmer; these are facts. I don't aim to be #1, however, I do want to work to the best of my ability. Whatever it is, please let me know! I cannot fix and learn from my problem if I'm unaware of it.

My coworkers and colleagues have a countless number of small/little mistakes that I would have made on my own on work projects. I'm sure in everything I do I make mistakes. Not intentional of course, but it happens - I am human after all.

Anyways, just to sum it all up: I have now made all personal repositories open source. I will work over time to add documentation, guides, comments, etc. to further help others. Again, if you have any questions/comments/concerns at all, please contact me. :)